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Product information

Authentic Japanese Kimonos

All of our Kimonos are made in Japan from cotton, matt cotton, polyester or poly satin.

On each of the product pages on the web site there is a specific guide that will inform you of the fabric the product is made from. These have been obtained from the Japanese Manufacturer and have been checked against the garment.

All of the fabrics are machine washable at low temperatures and there is a washing instruction tag with each garment.

This is a very high quality product that makes a memorable gift.

Japanese T shirts

These are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.

Japanese handbags

Our Japanese handbags are all made in Japan and made from denim, cotton or polyester. All the bags are authentic Japanese Handbags and are machine washable.

Ladies Night Wear

The products are made from Chiffon, cotton, polyester, silk and satin.

Each product page on the web site states the fabric that the garment is made from. These descriptions are those that have been given by the UK distributor.

Most of the fabrics are machine washable and there is a specific washing instruction with the garment.

The finish on the garment is exceptionally high and come from a leading UK wholesaler.

Silk Pyjamas

These are 100% silk pyjamas made in China to the highest standards. They are best washed by hand in luke warm water and left to drip dry.

Each product has a tag that sets out in more detail how to wash and care for the Silk Fabric.

Exquisitely made, as a present it makes a real statement that you care and brings a touch of the Orient to a western design.


All the Calligraphy is undertaken by Master Hu who is resident in Beijing and who has been practicing calligraphy for over 50 years. In China, the art of Calligraphy is considered one of the highest disciplines and even Picasso said that if he came back again he would be a Calligrapher.

The material that the Calligraphy is stoked on to is made of a special delicate rice paper that is covered with Gold Specks to accentuate the meaning of the drawing.

By positioning the Calligraphy correctly in a room, these gold specks are reflected in the sunlight giving a great effect. However, it is best to keep the drawing directly out of the sunlight.

No two Calligraphy pieces are correct to you in effect get an original piece of art work.

Silk Hand Bags

The silk hand bags come from either Thailand or China are made to a very standard. Some of the bags are 100% silk whilst some of them contain other material such as rayon that is itemised whenever necessary.

Other handbags

There are made in a mixture of cotton and polyester bags scattered throughout the site. Each Bag will specify the type of material used but are generally made from cotton, polyester, silk or rayon. Each bag has the size written in the description that you see on the web page and we have made the description fit the information supplied by the manufacturer or distributor.



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