About Us

About Fine Orient

Fine Orient was established in 2002 so we are now in our 15th trading year.

Initially we started selling products from China but have now extended that to products from Japan and other Far Eastern countries.

With the goods from China we do try and source goods outside the main areas of population and in Japan we often work with family owned businesses that have a great passion for promoting goods from their country.

Our aim is to provide high quality products that make memorable gifts and will remain fashionable over a number of years.

In sourcing the products, we look for good quality garments from established manufacturers and distributors.


We have two offices one based in Leeds in the UK and an affiliate office based in Beijing, China.

Fine Orient
116 Cardigan Road
West Yorkshire
Telephone 0113 2787976
E- Mail: sales@fineorient.com

Trading ethos

We will only provide high quality goods that are available from established suppliers or distributors and where we can see that there is no exploitation of labour.

We will not offer goods on the web site that we do not have in stock. Occasionally we do receive large orders overnight that may affect the stock levels on offer the following morning so goods are distributed according to the time the order is placed.


Fine Orient protects the customers' personal details, using the very latest security software.

When you enter in your personal details the page is then fully protected and you will see the padlock to verify this.

We use Thwaite to secure these personal details.

The details you give are scrambled before sending them to any other computer, this way no one is able to read the details before they get to the Payment Service Provider who checks the validity of the card.

We do not hold details of your credit cards on our computers when you place an order.

Nearly all banks and credit card companies will cover all charges or limit the liability to £50 that result from any unauthorised use of your card. If your bank does hold you responsible for this £50 liability, Fine Orient will cover the entire liability up to the £50. Fine Orient can only secure this if your liability resulted through no fault of your own whilst purchasing goods from Fine Orient.

If you feel that you are happier with sending your credit or debit card details any other way then please contact us on 0113 2787976.


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